Residential Design

.My background in residential design, began as an apprentice draftsman working for an Architectural Engineering firm.  It was on a conventional drafting table I still use, is where my design experience began, and which now has evolved into the use of AutoCAD and a laptop that sets on top of it.  I use each of these tools for everything I build today in my workshop.  My initial design and drafting experiences working with many Architects Engineers and other Draftsmen began almost 40 years ago, and those experiences gave me a great foundation to transition into the building trades, and for everything I design and build today.

Cabinetry & Furniture

Custom cabinetry and furniture projects, grew out of my work as a General Contractor in the residential remodeling market.  Once I decided to leave the construction field, and setup my woodshop, the natural transition with my design and construction experiences, was to build custom cabinetry and furniture pieces for past customers that I still had contacts with.  After a short detour operating a boatyard in the California Delta Region, I have now come full circle back to my workshop, where once again the focus is on custom cabinetry furniture pieces and the restoration of anything vintage that fits into the shop.


Vintage Boats

Looking for a new market to use my mix of skills, I decided to open a boatyard with the intent of specializing in wooden boat restoration and maintenance.  It seemed like a great idea, and a way to blend my talents into an old craft.  We accomplished a lot of good things starting from a rundown facility, to operating with a crew of 6 and a long list of great customers with six figure boats, but unfortunately, it was light on wooden boat projects, and heavy on fiberglass craft and the full service requirements of them.  After a four year tour, I decided running a full service boatyard and not having my carpentry tools in hand, wasn’t right for the next chapter, so the decision was made to close it and return to the woodshop alone, and focus on the small trailerable wooden boat projects that didn’t require a full time crew and a high overhead facility to run.

Vintage Trailers

One of the interesting things that came from the boatyard years and my love of vintage things, was noticing the similarities between land and sea yachts. I was asked to restore an Airstream for some friends from those boatyard years.  Although we only made it half way through the build, before the project sold, to be completed by the new owner, It sparked my interest in the repurposing of these vintage time capsules into new usages beyond traveling and camping.   I look forward to a future vintage trailer project in the shop schedule. 


a few projects

A Chris Craft Sportsman currently in for refinishing.

A Riva that we took to the Tahoe show and won 3rd place in class, in 2012.

The Napa Shop     



Tony Gliedt, Owner

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